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Our Projects

Step Inside Our Design Showcase:
Explore Our Clients Stunning Projects

Get ready to be wowed! Our Projects page is like a treasure trove of design inspiration. It's where we proudly display our finest creations, all crafted with love and passion.

Each project is a unique story waiting to be discovered, a reflection of our clients' lifestyles, and a promise of unforgettable memories. At KH Designed, we don't just design, but we create spaces that capture your heart.

Dive into our diverse portfolio, from home makeovers that bring new life to living spaces to visionary transformations that redefine what's possible. Our projects are all about blending style with functionality, making every day a little more extraordinary.

We're excited to show you what's possible with KH Designed by your side. 

Project Wallarah

Project Lugarno

Project Northcote

Project Redhead

Project Silkyoak

Sonter Residence

Lambton Waterside Residence

Club Catalina

Ocean breeze Redhead

Plus so much more.....

From the ground up collaboratively designing dreams

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