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Calling all nest-builders, and magic seekers! KH Designed is here for anyone who wants their space to be something more, something that tells a story and is unique to who they are. We are the story teller and author of your home. Whether you're a homeowner or builder embarking on a renovation or new build we are your design sidekicks. Let's turn your space into a stage for stories and your dreams into cozy realities!

When you choose KH Designed, you're embarking on a design journey where we take the time getting to know you and the requirements of your home. Then we walk you through our carefully planned and detailed design process from the preliminary designs, the 3D conceptual presentations, detailed in house design documentation, right through to construction and completion. But we aren't just interior design we can design your home from the ground up collaborating with our consultants to get you through council. Cut out the sea of people passing through and messing up your homes vision we have your back and keep it on track from start to finish.

Our process leaves you inspired and excited at every stage, relieving the roller coaster of emotions that come with renovating and building. With KH Designed on your side to ease your worries, we turn those 'what-ifs' into 'heck yes.' We will make sure that your journey is as smooth as your KH Designed space. 

At KH Designed we tailor for everyone in our 3 services; from our fast paced KHD Session to our Full Service Interior Design and Full Service Furnishing and Styling. 

Dreams in the making

We've crafted a design process that's all about you – your preferences, your desires, your unique style and your lifestyle needs. Our aim? To uncover the breathtaking beauty within your home.

             ~ Katrina

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Full Service 
      Interior Design

This is the ultimate deal, where we have your back and dive deep into bringing your dream home goals into reality! Whether you are renovating or building, just a kitchen or through to your full home we will carry you along our carefully planned full service journey and blow you mind with the potential of your home while making the process blissful right to the end!

The goal is simple to us....dream home + show 5 star journey.

Stage 1 - Design Consultation 2hrs($500)

Stage 2 - Preliminary design 

Stage 3 - Conceptual Design 

Stage 4 - Design documentation 

Stage 5 - Construction and procurement of design

Work with our preferred Architects/building designer/trades or we can work collaboratively with your own to bring a perfectly finished result.

Join us on this beautiful journey...enter your details below or book your discovery call.

Your 1st step

Not sure where you fit or just want a little more clarity? Book your discovery call and let's get the ball rolling on your dreams.

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