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Style your Kitchen Shelves like a pro for less!

No shopping required just open your kitchen cupboards and choose the right items.....


Open shelves are so popular and for good reason; they give your kitchen warmth, depth and make it feel more inviting. They open up your kitchen design by braking up a long stretch of heavy cabinetry. I always consider some form of open shelving when I am designing kitchens for these reasons, plus they provide an opportunity for beautiful styling it that end, which enhances the kitchens overall appeal instantly with layers and texture. My key to styling your open shelves is to give them purpose and functionality, after all kitchens are a highly functional space and so should your shelves. So this begins the do you style your shelves beautifully, functionally and for less money?

LET'S DIVE INTO IT............

Open up your cupboards and select items you already own. Here is my list of items to consider placing on your shelves:

  • Stack some white bowls

  • Stand timber or stone chopping boards behind items

  • Add salty and pepper grinders

  • Layer with some textured or patterned mugs or cups

  • Use wired baskets for potatoes or fruits

  • A bowl with lemons piled

  • Recipe books stacked

  • Add a glass jar or 2 filled with condiments

  • Cake stand

  • Vases

  • A tea towel thrown over a bowl edge

Now look beyond the contents of your kitchen cupboards and add:

  • Greenery or herbs from the garden

  • A small framed art piece

  • Any cute items that will infuse your personality and help tell your homes story - let go of any trends you may have stuck in your head for this one.

Take time to arrange the items, step back and see how it looks and keep playing around with them until you are happy. A golden rule to remember when styling is to group items in odd numbers like 3 and use varying heights.

Have fun and mix it up for a change now and then to keep your kitchen feeling fresh and loved forever.

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