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Not Just Another White Kitchen - Project Redhead

We have all seen a white kitchen; beautiful, fresh, clean however its sterile and lacking soul!

This beautiful kitchen I designed is located in the coastal suburb of Redhead, NSW. With views to the beach it's easy to see where much of the inspiration began. A crisp white palette paired with timber elements and textured tiles mimic the organic landscape found in a coastal beachside location.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Project Redhead was the outlook to Redhead beach. The colour palette is found in the coastal location and the textures are organic. I also look at emotion and lifestyle as a huge element for inspiration, again this came back to the beachside location. The beach brings a sense of freedom, relaxation and holiday vibes, which has been infused into the design of this kitchen.

A white kitchen was the brief but as we dove into establishing the kitchens vision, we pull out so much more to create not just another white kitchen but a space with soul, lifestyle and a place for memories.

The Challenge

The existing kitchen was squashed in a corner and blocked access around a living and dining zones. This made the kitchen a high traffic area which is not ideal when preparing meals. The spaces central void posed a big obstacle design challenge when maximising flow and functionality for all living, dining and kitchen zones in this space. This awkward space is what gave it such huge success. Working around a void and narrow passageways, the client assumed her dream of an entertainers kitchen + butlers pantry was not achievable, but confidently I set out to achieve her dream.

The Finishes

This kitchen blend seamlessly to the coastal outlook featuring the Pure White™ benchtops that mimic the pure white sand found at the neighbouring beach. The Pure White™ colour choice paired perfectly with the subtle white textured profile of the Polytec Culcutta balanced with warmth bought in through the Polytec Woodmatt timber accents and the Lo & Co Interiors timber pulls.

Unique design elements, emotion, lifestyle, texture and warmth helped to make this space so much more than just ‘another white coastal kitchen’ and the end result was a kitchen that has changed this families lives forever.

If you have a challenging space to work with and don't know how to achieve your wish list, let's have a chat and begin to bring your dreams to a reality.




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