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Project Lime Kiln - An elegant kitchen renovation

This kitchen transformation is a classic, elegant design for a modern day lifestyle.

Open plan, entertainers delight, and chef style meals are no problem in here!

This job truely shows the power of a renovation. With good design, spatial planning, quality trades and patience so much can be achieved, transforming the space into something amazing and totally unrecognisable to it's existing! (Scroll to the bottom for before photos)

The Design Process

The clients vision and brief for the job was elegant, classic, farmhouse, lots of storage, open and of course fit for entertaining and large cook ups. We got to know how the client needed their kitchen to function; right down to how many appliances they own. I designed 2 concepts that met the brief and eventually we finished on what you see here.

We encouraged the client who was renovating the rest of the home at the same time to move the internal wall back 500mm to enable them to achieve the large featured centre island, which is the central hub for this kitchen. It increases the function and ergonomics of the space and frees up the peninsular island for people to gather free of kitchen prep clutter. This central island is the workhorse of the kitchen and allows the opportunity for many cooks at one time.

We prepared the design documentation and specification sheets and the client took it from there, project managing the job themselves and bringing the design to life perfectly! I was always on call from Newcastle and as a team the outcome is without a doubt a showstopper.

Design Features

Addition to the central and peninsular islands mentioned above, I also designed a feature glass cabinet and large American style rangehood. These two features along with the central island, were made by Farmers Doors. The quality and workmanship in these pieces are beautiful and take the kitchen to the next level, making it a high end finished space!

The timber internals and floating shelves also by Farmers Doors, add warmth to this high contrasting kitchen and tie in the timber elements throughout the home. It grounds the space and brings in more of that farmhouse element from the clients brief.

Storage solutions

It's all well and good to have a beautiful kitchen, but how it works with clever storage solutions makes it a 'designer kitchen'. Beauty with function is key in kitchens!

We have included pull out panties, a corner pantry with a bifold door and sensor light and a lazy susan under bench corner cupboard. These inclusions make all those awkward kitchen nooks usable and easily accessible.

With majority drawers, this allows for easy access to all items with minimal bending down required. One of the drawers next to the stove includes a spices insert. Everything at arms reach from the stove for perfect kitchen ergonomics.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We hear it over and over again. It's the space that we spend the most time, create delicious meals, and pass through in the morning rush. It brings families and friends together and gives us a space to build a lifetime of memories within.

I am so pleased to have another happy client on my hands, with a kitchen they are so proud of and most importantly love using everyday.

This is why good kitchen design is so important.....because a kitchen is much more than just a kitchen, it's a way of life.


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