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A peaceful neutral nursery!

Whether it's a boy or girl, a nursery is a beautiful peaceful room within your home. With that being said, my number one rule when designing a nursery is the mood you want to create! When designing any space, I believe it should be an extension of who you are and how you want to live and feel within it. So how about a peaceful, calm baby? We can only try!

I designed this neutral baby boy nursery with the vision of wanting something bright and fresh with accents of colour through paintings, toys, blankets and books. The room follows the neutral theme of my whole house; a theme that is easy to live with and stands the test of time. This room is calm, peaceful and ready for many sleep and play times ahead.

I choose Dulux terrace white for the walls and Dulux vivid white for the trims, shelves and rocking chair.

Let's break this room down........

The curtains in the nursery are handmade. I got the fabric from Spotlight on sale, because who doesn't love a good bargain! I vacuumed the Labrador hair off the lounge room floor, laid the soft white sheers flat and began measuring and cutting. This was curtain fabric, so the rod pockets where pre-sewn in, meaning I just needed to hem three sides. My husband hung the rod, which was also purchased at Spotlight and when my curtains went up skimming perfectly above the ground there was a small jump for joy in its success!

My tip for curtains is always do floor to ceiling curtains because they make the walls and therefore the room look larger.

The long drawer dresser from Ikea made up for the lack of wardrobe in this room. The added length also allowed it to double as my change table. The top drawers are filled with everything I need for those dirty nappy times. Easily accessible to the change table.

My tip to make a dresser like this more personalised is some new handles.

The fun little elephant stool is from Big W. I can see my little boy enjoying this as part of his imaginary games over years to come.

The bookshelves are another DIY. I designed them to be decorative and traditional. My handy husband bought them to life using a 40mm decorative skirting board placed upside down for the front edge, and 2 pieces of 150mm timber for the base and back. The final touches are of course books, lots of books to share during some quality story time.

The smaller shelves above the dresser were also made by my husband. I wanted these to contrast to the bookshelves, so I went with a more simple bracket style shelf and painted them in vivid white to tie the two together.

The artwork around the room was all gifted to me by a friend and my mother, an excited soon to be Grandma. She painted the 3 little animal prints and pulled the alpaca print out from a trip to Chile years ago. She finally found a use for one of those unusual holiday purchase.

My tip when hanging paintings and other objects above a change table or cot, is it's easy to get carried away filling the space, however keep items high enough so curious hands won't grab and pull them down.

The cot was purchased online through the Myer Market. The brand is Quirky Bubba. I chose this cot over others because it blends contemporary with traditional perfectly. The added storage underneath was a priceless bonus. Storage, storage, storage!

This gorgeous mobile is from esty Dolly and moon. It's hand sewn and creates a whimsical dreamy environment to help send baby off to sleep.

My rocking chair was another DIY addition. You can read how I upcycled this old bentwood rocking chair here. This is my favourite piece in the nursery helping to tie everything together as old meets new.

I bought the cane toy basket from Ikea to throw bears, blanket and other goodies into.

The rug is from Temple and Webster. I love that the colours match the room and the pattern adds a decorative dimension to the appeal of the space. A rug is always a great addition to make any room feel more cozy and warm.

The final addition to make this room a fully functioning nursery is my baby boy. I'm currently 39 weeks and waiting very patiently to share this space with him.

Before we got stuck into it:


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