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Big Dreams, Little Boys & Bedroom Design

A blue room full of double trouble!

Coastal fresh, animals and planes pulled together with a soft palette of blues, green, mustard and natural timber.

I love designing any space, but the freedom that comes with kids rooms is over the top inspiring and exciting! As children our creativity levels are at their peek and nurtured. As adults our inner childs creativity is often lost due to responsibility and external pressures. This is something that in my design business, I passionately say NO to. I want all the spaces I design to inspire creativity in everyone!

Does this gorgeous boys room excite you to be creative??

This transformation began with the wardrobe. This beautiful old waredrobe has ample storage and good bones. Using cabinetry paint I bought it back to life with the perfect blue - Dulux Puhoi and new brass chunky knobs to pop against the blue and add warmth at the same time.

Paint Does Wonders!

I wasn't going to settle for a single colour on these walls. This needed something special to take it to the next level.........

I opted for a 2 tone wall with Vivid White on the top 3rd and Terrace White on the bottom 2 thirds. Then to tie the whole room together with the wardrobe, I painted a statement line of the blue (dulux Puhoi) around the remaining perimeter of the room. This was a lengthy process with a lot of painters tape but perfection and creating something special is all in the hard work leading you to the finish line.


The art pieces I chose for this room where the first additions that gave this room soul. My husband and I were holidaying in Port Douglas where I met the beautiful Stephanie Elizabeth who I purchased the turtle and whale watercolour artworks from. From here everything I bought came back to these pieces. The gorgoes blues, greens and browns set the tone for the rest of the room.

Achieve balance with the furniture & decor choices:

The balance in this room starts with the beds and the chest of drawers. Together they form the foundation of a beautiful, symmetrical share room.

The beds are from fantastic furniture and since I was buying double of everything it was important to think about budget. So these beds were perfect! They are a bluey grey, that works seamlessly with the colour palette.

To add warmth to the whole room, I found the perfect centrepiece chest of drawers, up-cycled by the talented Kylie at Inspired by Coastal. Including up-cycled and reclaimed furniture in your space adds soul and character. Also not to mention how extra special it is knowing that you have a unique one of a kind piece of furniture.

The shutters are from DIYBlinds and are neat and tidy window finish choice. They lift the room by making it feel extra bright with the added white element and the quality is next to none!

The final layers.....

The Miss Amara rug, washed linen quilt covers, and lion cushion from Adairs, throws from Spotlight and Kmart check cushion all work together to layer the room for comfort and appeal.

My sisters beautifully handmade quilt, sits proudly in the book corner, anchoring all the colours and patterns from one side of the room to the other. At playtime we pull it out to the centre of the room and piece by piece I watch my toddlers creative mind, create an enormous mess of fun, that I no doubt will end up cleaning on my own at the end of the day. But that is ok, because the process of creativity is often messy before you see it polished and finished at the end like this room.

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