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How to master colour in your interiors!

One of the key design elements to use in your interiors is of course COLOUR!

I believe colour is one of the major foundations to great design. Colour creates emotions in us and helps us to understand our surroundings. Consider these two spaces for example. A childcare centre features a huge range of bright colours. The children and carers who enter the centre feel energised, inspired, happy and cheerful. A night time whisky bar on the other hand features dark timbers, black and reds. The clientele of this space are filled with a sense of intimacy and eerie sophistication as they sit back relax and engage in deep conversations to match their surroundings. In a way we can almost say colour can be a little hypnotic when we really begin to break it down.

Now when it comes to your home or design project, to begin using colour well consider the following:

1. Emotion - What emotion do you want to evoke. When we consult for any project, we always as the question; "how do you want to feel in the space?" Good design should make you feel something and not just look good. For me I want my home to feel energised, relaxed and inspired all in one hit! Now how do I do that? Keep reading...

2. Cool colours - Looking at cool greys, crisp whites and muted blues and greens will bring a balance of calm and energised. Some of my top Dulux cool colours are - Lexicon Quarter, Terrace White and Post boy

3. Warm colours - If it's a cozy, relaxed feel you're wanting to create, consider warm neutrals. Some of my top Dulux warm colours are - Snow Mountain Half, Buff It, and Tapestry Beige.

4. 60-30-10 Colour rule - Make your selections based on these percentage guides:

  • 60% - Dominant shade that takes up approximately 60 percent of the room. Generally your main wall colour.

  • 30% - Secondary colour, which is typically a bolder colour if you're wanting to bring in a little punch or this could be your trim or decorative colour. This choice takes up about 30 percent of the space.

  • 10% - Your boldest or accent colour. This could be brought in through your styling items, door hardware, curtains, rugs or a feature or partial painted wall.

5. Think outside the box - You are never limited to apply one colour per wall. Create impact with colour by apply the 60-30-10 rule. Treat your walls as a blank canvas and choose careful moments to have some fun; You could do a half half wall, paint a geometric pattern or even use your walls to create a beautiful 'wallpaper' patterned effect (a great idea for a kids room).

6. Need more help? Still feeling lost and confused or just need some help mastering this? Book a 60-90min 'Pick my brain session' over zoom or in person depending on your location. I can't wait to chat about your design project with you. Inquire today.

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Apr 12, 2022

Looks amazing! Such a clever and sophisticated designer! What great advice you have!

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