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How to create a timeless renovation

There are those that date and those that live on. When you're waiting at an appointment how often do you find yourself flicking through a magazine that is years old? It's amazing to see homes that were finished years ago still look so current, while others have definitely surpassed their time. So this begins the question on how do you make your home stands the test of time?

At KH Designed our signature look fuses your style with a timeless scope. Why do I design like this??? Because trends come and go and even our personal style can change over our lifetime. Just as we are as people who change and evolve with lives experiences the same applies to our interiors. I want my clients to love their homes for the lifetime that they live within them.

Jumping straight into it, I am going to share my top 5 tips to creating a timeless renovation.

1. Natural Finishes

Natural finishes refer to the hard surfaces you select to use in your renovation; Your tiles, floors, benchtops, shelves etc. Think about the earth. If it comes directly from the earth or mimics a natural product you will be on the right track. Natural stone such as travertine and marble are beautiful products to give you an earthy natural finish that aligns with timeless selections. Timber is another must, which will add warmth and a touch a nature to any interior.

2. Neutral colour palette

Select a neutral colour palette to drive the main interiors. A warm Natural White or a cool Lexicon Quarter are my go to whites, but think crisp white, beige and greys. Apply this to not just your paint finishes but any surface finish of choice.

3. Accents of pattern & colour

Mixed with your neutral palette, infuse some colour and pattern in carefully selected locations for a little personality and to ensure your projects interiors don't fall flat. This could be a feature tile or signature piece like featured rangehood but of course do this with your cushions and other soft furnishings and decor items. Timeless patterns like stripes, checks and florals are always aligned with timeless selections.

4. Less is more

I have seen this rule not followed so often. Be sure not to throw everything including the kitchen sink into your renovations design. It's hard to say no to so many beautiful ideas and elements out there today, but you must! Pick and choose but do this by imagining your project as a whole with all elements working together. This is where moodboards are a great tool to help you visualise your selections together.

5. Your Vision

Your project must start with a strong vision. To successfully bring your personal style together with a timeless approach apply the above tips to the images you are selecting. For more help on your vision DOWNLOAD the FREE DEFINE YOUR VISION GUIDE

By Katrina Haeusler

Interior Designer & Founder of KH Designed



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